What a month!

Hello readers,


So, the month of May has been… in a word? Hectic. I think I love it, though! After my last play, I said I wanted a break and that was the stupidest, stupidest thing I could have done. Well, it was nice to finish up school and spend time with friends and family, but I’d forgotten how easy it is to fall into melancholy when I’m inactive. It can be depressing, clocking in and clocking out of a job you certainly don’t want to be doing forever, going to plays all the while envious because you miss being on stage. It sounds kind of… I don’t know, pretentious? *shrug* What can you do? Continue reading “What a month!”


On new beginnings…

So, this is a bit awkward. First time in a while having a blog in which to type out my thoughts for someone else’s perusal. I guess I can start by stating my intentions with this blog. Well, if one wants to get into the mind of an aspiring artist, this would be the perfect place. If suffering pleases you (everyone has their kinks, eh? Eh???) then I will also be posting my after-audition feels. It can be therapeutic, especially when it feels like you don’t want to bother anyone else with your gripes, so what better to do than stretch my fingers and let loose? I’d forgotten how nice it could be just to let my fingers do the walking and my mind do the talking. Things don’t often come out of my mouth the way they sound in my head and that can make for complication. So, I guess I’ll start now. Here goes…


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